Our 28 Mar 2018 program, Press Play! The Power of Personal Energy Management, with Cindy Curie is available as a recorded event.

Cindy Currie is a senior program manager at DXC Technology, where she manages the release of on-demand, cloud-based systems for SAP users. Cindy discussed how managing your personal energy, both professionally and personally, is key to getting your life in order and performing well without feeling depleted when you’re done. We all have a personal energy rhythm that lends itself to performing well during periods of peak energy buffered by periods of rest and renewal – yes, like a cell phone battery, we all need to fully recharge. Cindy shared how to manage your personal energy in ways that foster increased capacity and high performance!

Download this zip file, which contains a PDF version of the slides, as well as the self-assessment worksheet Cindy refers to in the presentation.

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